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Empowering you to achieve goals
you didn’t think were possible

Performance coaching for any ability

I offer an inclusive, yet bespoke coaching service for anyone that wants to achieve more.

You can join me in person for Personal Training at my home studio gym in Tadcaster (near Leeds & York) or we can work together online.

Improving Endurance Athletes

I offer specialist, technical performance coaching services and tailored training programmes for endurance athletes, triathletes, runners, cyclists and swimmers.

My coaching offers support for all goals, ranging from your first 5k run to an Ironman triathlon.

I know what it’s like to compete as an athlete and have a very busy life, so I pride myself on creating training plans that work with an athlete’s lifestyle and therefore create success. 

Performance Coaching Services & Packages:

All coaching services are tailored to you and your specific goals. In my home studio I have created a welcoming and safe environment to train. I use my expertise, education and life experience as a busy mum/ ex- shift worker and triathlete/ swimmer to really understand your goals, so we can smash them together.

"I love helping women achieve their fitness goals!

Through my career in sport I have experienced many different coaching styles and have myself coached a variety of different people. I have taken this experience, and that of being a busy mother, and used it to provide coaching services built on empathy, enthusiasm and professionalism. 

It is so important to set realistic goals, achievable training plans and coaching that creates fitness gains, teaches new skills and most importantly keeps it fun!!

I pride myself on creating 1-1 training plans that are specific to each athlete’s needs. Especially those ladies who are time poor and have hectic lives.”

Enabling Strong Women

My passion is supporting women who want to get stronger and healthier in everyday life. You won’t find any before and after pictures around here. 

We’ll work together taking into account your age, your menstrual cycle and the key differences in women’s bodies. I can empathise and have specialist knowledge in peri/menopause and pre/post-natal training. It’s not about getting skinny, it’s about getting strong and healthy.

My strength and conditioning personal training can help anyone in everyday life or be adapted to other sports too.

What my clients say