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About me & my training facilities

Hi! I’m Carrine,

I started swimming competitively at a young age which started my passion for sport. This passion took me on a journey of working in the sports industry as well as an academic career in Biology, and a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. 

I took up Triathlon in 2007, as a new hobby and instantly fell in love with the sport. I had a very successful racing career but did come across a few set backs in the form of over training and injury. It is my personal journey and lessons learnt over this time that sparked my interest and passion in coaching others. 

I was training as a triathlete around full time shift work, I returned to successful racing and participation after having two children and continue to train around a busy job and family life. It is this experience that makes my knowledge and understanding so invaluable as a coach.

“Above all else I aim to teach, guide and empower athletes whilst maintaining the fun and excitement of sport.”

Carrine Green with throphy
Carrine Green Swimming Cap

So many of my clients don’t feel confident going to a gym – either due to lack of confidence or lack of knowledge about what to do when they get there.

The main focus in everything I do is to offer help, support and guidance with my clients overall training to help them achieve their goals. We do it together. 

I will help you get rid of that overwhelming feeling when you try and do it yourself and read lots of different advice out there, as well as help keep things fresh so you don’t get bored and most importantly, so you don’t get injured.

I am so passionate about helping others and have accumulated thousands of coaching hours working with, and learning from, a wide and diverse group of athletes, mentors and coaches.

Finding time to train around a busy life and a family is tough, but I’ll share ways to do this effectively and you can choose to come and train with me in person or take a look at my online packages.

Working with someone like me is an investment in your body, mind and general health. Women need strength training for many reasons – to help in everyday life, increase metabolism, manage peri-menopause and menopause, prevent injury… and many more.


  • BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science
  • British Triathlon Level 2 Diploma
  • British Triathlon Level 2 Triathlon Coach
  • City and Guilds Level 3 and 4 Certificate in Adult Education and Training
  • Level 4 Strength & Conditioning (Advanced qualification, includes Olympic lifting, mobility & plyometrics. (CIMPSA registered)
  • STA level 2 Open Water Swim Coach
  • STA Open Water Safety and rescue trained
  • Certificates in various other CPD’s such as child protection, safeguarding, advanced first aid and fully DBS checked
  • Selected for the British Triathlon Mentorship program for female coaches 2022, working alongside GB and Regional coaches to further my coaching development 
Carrine Triathlon

Triathlon Achievements:

  • 3 x World Age Group Competitor
  • 2 x European Age Group Competitor
  • 2 x Police European Championships Bronze Medals
  • 1 season racing French Grand Prix (Team Breast)
  • 2009 2nd Place British National Ranking Series
  • Runner up at 70.3 Antwerp in 2010
  • 2nd Chillswim Coniston 2023
  • SwimRun enthusiast! 

More about my Training Studio in Tadcaster:

It was a very proud moment opening my very own studio at my home in Tadcaster (near Leeds & York). It’s small & private, a space dedicated to you and your workout.

We have a full range of gym equipment which includes: Olympic Lifting weights, rack and bench, plyometric box, kettlebells, gymnastic rings, medicine balls, resistance bangs and yoga equipment.

Perfect to perform a holistic session ranging from lifting heavy weights to injury prevention exercises, to mobility and mindful practises.

Heavy Weights

Wattbike Atom

We use the Wattbike Atom in my studio to conduct your fitness test. A market leading, award winning smart bike.

It will help us unlock your performance potential with accelerated gains in performance, power and technique tracking – all from the comfort of the studio. (I’ll cheer you on I promise!)


TrainingPeaks App

When you sign up to one of my tailored training programmes you will be given access to the TrainingPeaks app which offers a centralised hub that lets you plan, track and analyse your training all in one place.

You can merge data and workouts from your favourite devices and apps to watch your fitness progress in real-time. 

I will also create you a weekly training calendar- a two way communication tool between you and me as well as a training diary and method of me setting training, analysing training using data from heart rate, pace, power and effort levels. See picture below:

Above is a view of a Performance chart showing fitness improvements, fatigue and form for each athlete based on the training they have done and the phase of training they are in.

A great method to motivate and see improvements using data and real time data from the athletes training session.

We’ll also build you an Annual Training Plan using the app to plan your specific goals, races and events and the training required over weekly, monthly cycles to ensure they are fit and on form for your event or particular goal.