Coaching & Training Services

Here’s an outline of the 1:1 services I offer to help you achieve your fitness goals. My approach is to get to you know you and then adapt training to suit you as an individual. 


These packages offers the combination of face to face strength and conditioning plus a unique program for each individual depending on their goals.


This program is perfect for those wanting to start out or be competitive in endurance sport such as Triathlon, running and swimming.

Individual Services

Open Water Swimming sessions are here

Strength & Conditioning Personal Training

During your first session we will have a full consultation about your personal goals. This includes a free movement assessment.

From there we will work through a training program using weights… squats, lunges, single muscle isolation work, HIIT training, you name it, we’ll do it.

Working on your strength as an athlete has so many benefits. Check out my blog on this here

Strength & Conditioning
Fitness Assessment

Fitness Tests

A fitness test is a great way to benchmark where you are performing, so we can set goals to work on.

This 90 minute session of detailed fitness testing will be carried out using the Wattbike atom, this is an amazingly accurate tool to measure power output, heart rate and monitor your pedalling efficiency.

These measurements ensure your future training and technique is efficient and specific to you. The fitness test identifies strengths and areas to develop and identifies your true ‘training zones’ to prescribe future training. Check out my blog on training zones for more info

Movement Assessment

This is a great first step to guide future training and unlock true potential.

It’s a 60 min head to toe assessment looking at the movement of the body, strength, and mobility. This assessment is designed to identify any limiting areas in the body, such as mobility restrictions which effect the full range of movement at a joint or muscle and strength limiters. The assessment helps to create a clear pathway for your future training and ensures that I can prescribe and lead training that is specific to you to help overcome and/ or prevent injury, ensure that specific muscle groups are trained to develop strength for the your goals and sporting requirements and overall to unlock your true potential.

Movement Assessment

It means we learn what you need to work on and if there are any areas to focus on moving forward in your training plan. Once the assessment is complete, I write everything up in your plan and this is your baseline – from here we can set goals to improve any areas where you have limitations and enhance existing strength. It’s key to ensure we have a plan around reducing the likelihood of injury too. Win – win.

Swim Analysis

Swim Analysis

1-1 or small group swim video analysis.  Analysis of swim strokes above and under the water.

A swim video analysis allows me the luxury of observing your strokes under the water, which is in greater detail than can be seen from the pool side above the water. The video offers instant feedback to the coach and athlete.

During the 60 min session I will video you swimming from several angles, above and below the water and provide immediate feedback and methods to improve on your specific limiters.

1:1 Pool Swim Session

A 1:1 session at Yearsley Pool, York. Focussed purely on you. The sessions are tailored to your specific abilities, skill set and overall goals.

Training for an event? Want to improve a particular stroke? Or just want some time in the pool with a triathele? This ones for you.

Pool Swim 1:1

Services are also available as part of my Training Programmes – you’ll hit your goals faster and save some money by signing up to a 3 month programme or booking one of my Strength & Conditioning Packages